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CarJam is an authorised provider of ownership records including names and addresses for Registered Motor Vehicle Traders (RMVT), Service Stations, Gas Stations, Financial Service Providers and other approved entities.


Test Plates

Confirmed and complete



GNA (Gone no address)

Primary person only

Primary and joint persons

VIN not registered

VIN does not exist

More than 20 Previous Plates

Imported damaged vehicle



Unreliable Odometer

Currently licenced for road use (licence expiry date in the future)

Expired licence but not lapsed (licence expiry date past)

Exemption Licence


Vehicle types 1 (registered) - Moped

Vehicle types 2 (registered) - Trailer/Caravan

Vehicle types 3 (registered) - Tractor

Vehicle types 4 (registered) - Agricultural machine

Vehicle types 5 (registered) - Trailer not designed for h/way use

Vehicle types 6 (registered) - Mobile machine

Vehicle types 7 (registered) - Passenger car/van

Vehicle types 8 (registered) - under 3501kg - Goods Van/Truck/Utility

Vehicle types 8 (registered) - over 3500kg

Vehicle types 9 (registered) - Bus

Vehicle types 10 (registered) -Motor caravan

Vehicle types 11 (registered) - Motorcycle

Vehicle types 12 (registered) - ATV

Vehicle types 13 (registered) - Special purpose vehicle

Fleet vehicle

Lease vehicle

RUCable vehicle (multiple RUC licences available)

RUCable vehicle (odo reading in miles)

RUCable with Hubo

RUCable without Hubo

Plate yet to be issued (TBI)

Plate is issued (ISS)

Previous (old) plate entered (RPR or RPN)

Previous plate and current plate entered for the vehicle

Opt-out person

Confidential person

Trade plate issued

With alternative fuel

With tare weight

Street address with flat number

Street address with property name

Street address with RD

Postal address with flat number

Postal address with property name

Postal address with RD

Postal address with Box

Postal address with private bag

Trade plate revoked

Registered overseas

1 owner

>1 owner

60ULO, 6109L, 610OX, 64TUI, 6561F, 68GTO, 6945S, 727CI, 74LZD, 76KTL, 85PHO, 94KKD, 94SNJ, 99SDF, A584, AAH834, AAS491, AAZ569, ABC713, ABT848, ACU428, ADA806, ADA936, ADE211, AEH578, AFP922, AG9662, AGB968, AGR628, AHJ107, AHW976, AJH695, AKA176, AKW445, AL3485, AMJ365, AMN469, AMN469, AMTB3, AND243, ANS376, APJ802, APY915, ATJ564, ATL163, ATQ725, AUC811, AYH568, AZB926, AZH231, B529U, B8419, BBT214, BCF847, BCP126, BCZ877, BCZ877, BD6006, BEU242, BFT236, BGP911, BGQ896, BHK542, BJ131, BJF857, BKD963, BKL880, BKR701, BKT256, BLE579, BLZ496, BMA615, BND970, BQA638, BQU192, BRG134, BRR298, BTA755, BUG785, BWH191, BWL156, BWU228, BYU475, BZH333, BZQ710, BZZ116, C577C, CAN123, CBC193, CBF238, CCD948, CCP814, CDB275, CDP855, CGL135, CHQ173, CURLYI, D511J, DK2653, DP1393, E4401, E7738, EHJIMI, EJ2043, ET5051, F293, FK1833, FK6673, FK9382, GA1705, GO9070, GOCJ, GS386, H1540, HE4629, HP7845, IA1171, IG9669, IVO6, JB711, JD9044, JE5526, JM953, JO3435, JO9514, JR1565, JS111, JS133, JS365, JS436, JS448, JS503, JS791, JS803, JS830, JS886, JS952, JS971, JS986, JT7902, JW6060, JY2628, K1TCAT, K9874, KN4859, KN7122, KP8396, L5171, LBL17, LC1828, LC9595, LE647, LL6516, LL9568, LQ2660, LQ6000, LQ9943, LR2277, LS9044, LS9232, LX5176, MA2571, MB2586, MB3419, MB3805, MC4499, MC5289, MC5OOO, MC5OOO, MD3947, ME1938, MH9880, MI3710, MI9288, MJ4301, MJ7157, MK1989, MK4474, MM6976, MM6976, MO8882, MPHSTO, MQ4509, MQ5372, MQ5372, MQ6687, MQ8181, MT1095, MT9739, MW3917, MX1086, MY22O, MY8004, MYMET, NA4043, NA4857, NA5891, NB3795, NB6092, NB6902, ND9140, NE1008, NE7795, NG2656, NH3296, NH5306, NH8487, NI1826, NI2212, NJ2105, NJ2857, NJ4795, NK7644, NL6814, NM2245, NN5201, NO5126, NQ4440, NR2438, NR3197, NS4709, NS5755, NS6666, NT1287, NW2407, NX9536, NY8483, NZ3196, NZ7914, O1121, OA5287, OC5544, OE3936, OF7278, OH9279, OI2907, OI7443, OK6058, OK7639, ON2060, ON5102, OP137, OP8324, OR3752, OR6815, OS5390, OT1712, OT6318, OT9047, OW3497, OW8476, OX4270, OY4441, OY8945, OZ192, PA4095, PA6703, PA8194, PA8995, PA9146, PB2666, PB4156, PC2344, PD4927, PD5707, PD6881, PD9321, PF2479, PF3359, PG169, PG2455, PH4TAZ, PI8881, PJ5773, PK4021, PM2421, PM3485, PM6938, PN9207, PO5897, PO9509, POTTSY, PP6835, PQ2251, PQ4352, PR1756, PS3292, PT4852, PU5626, PU6986, PW6972, PX4765, PX5500, PX9186, PZ3218, PZ3591, PZ7284, R2453, R8M8, RB4096, RB8780, RB8926, RC5154, RC7741, RE5833, RF9103, RG2399, RH3446, RH6813, RI6927, RJ7532, RJ9054, RK8631, RL3445, RL4546, RM1592, RM4202, RM5344, RM709, RN3981, RN440, RN6221, RN7707, RN8087, ROSHEL, RP5147, RR2377, RR5356, RS1684, RS2813, RS8055, RT1218, RT1630, RT2868, RT3197, RT892, RU5923, RU9356, RX3645, RX9703, S2O5O, S2O76, S2O78, S2O87, S2O8O, S2O93, S2OO1, S9594, SA5555, SD4584, SD7674, SE48, SE860, SF5037, SG2636, SG477, SG9183, SG9183, SH3958, SH8934, SI5978, SI7100, SJ6574, SK3301, SL2066, SL8171, SO2807, SO4321, SO9813, SP8497, SQ8469, SR2793, SR4324, SS412, ST151, ST5673, ST9872, STYLEI, SU2616, SU3176, SU4580, SU7741, SW1081, SW661, SW6860, SW853, SX8135, SY6450, SY8704, SZ8453, TB7870, TB9636, TD5046, TD5476, TECGUY, TF7642, TG3159, TG5437, TG9935, TH3370, TH4384, TH8962, TJ2370, TJ3141, TK2012, TN1665, TO3007, TO327, TQ218, TQ5202, TX998, TY7654, TZ9355, U4418, UA5999, UA931, UB475, UC2939, UD1145, UD2936, UD7225, UF3560, UF4499, UF937, UF9814, UG4639, UG4639, UH3466, UI9131, UJ1665, UK8021, UL4758, UL6425, UM3916, UN1279, UP2249, UP3889, UP840, UQ7698, UT6381, UU5886, UU6229, UW7822, UZ1287, V1CT0R, VET66, VITA, W1LD32, W7215, WA2051, WA5936, WAITRA, WB4353, WC5426, WC7044, WD3125, WD5539, WG6672, WG8404, WH2775, WH3526, WH9680, WI6693, WJ4966, WK6000, WK9700, WN4583, WN4836, WN9073, WOOOLY, WP2991, WP4180, WR1396, WR1782, WR2074, WS5320, WS8033, WT3006, WT4969, WT5559, WU5739, WW1759, WW2750, WX7695, WX7940, WZ7169, XA4229, XA7238, XA7947, XC6102, XC8104, XD4152, XD5095, XD6087, XD7860, XE2989, XE6500, XG9173, XH2554, XH4795, XH4840, XH7928, XI8773, XJ2593, XK6232, XK8640, XL5821, XL8547, XN1926, XN2917, XO9349, XP1304, XS1009, XS3248, XT4580, XU2349, XU4149, XU6562, XU8611, XW1525, XX2247, XX4981, XX9689, XXXRRR, XY3039, XY4608, XZ2674, XZ7900, YA9720, YC2259, YC3842, YD3716, YD5983, YE3741, YG1823, YG7764, YH3008, YJ1225, YJ8071, YK4394, YK8688, YL2718, YL3829, YM7760, YM7870, YM8729, YM9810, YN7073, YP1757, YP5962, YP8191, YP9388, YQ3126, YQ3412, YR1837, YR2420, YR3300, YR5366, YU3146, YU7398, YY4152, YY7765, YZ1076, ZA8726, ZB1685, ZC9251, ZC9639, ZE7589, ZF8100, ZG6859, ZG8062, ZH9374, ZI1003, ZI9301, ZJ3348, ZL3585, ZM7541, ZP7834, ZY2741, ZY7392

Joint owners

1BARB, 2086E, 2298P, 3613C, 4KAYE, 5470Z, 54FRL, 5535H, 55PWH, 7766M, 89TZE, 90PHD, 9837R, 98PBE, 99PBE, A836C, AGC931, AKU357, ALG416, APG605, APN851, APY771, ASP247, ATG742, B0BSKI, B2101, BAQ906, BLD936, BLE579, BNR556, BYW896, C4STLE, CBG341, CDY212, CEG532, COOTER, FY4385, H647, HS50, HX6672, JARAMA, JSP, KATOA, KM3489, KW5296, MC4887, MD8838, MM6976, MT5313, ND3170, ND5683, NH4497, NQ3505, NW5809, NY408, NY9158, OLVTRS, OQ1568, OQ8025, OSS1E, OU6653, OURKEV, OW4841, OZ976, PC9205, PL4085, PQ3924, PQ733, PU7864, PY3939, PY4110, RH5757, RM8224, RQ7445, RS3181, RT8130, RW9873, S2O51, S2O53, SALER, SH854, SI3037, SN3574, SO3184, SR5071, SW8017, TG6550, TH322, TI9I7, TN47, TP1977, TX599, UD8985, UE5457, UI930, UM3959, UM5311, UM9115, UP2573, WE2210, WL3755, WP3609, WQ2978, WR2074, WR6489, WW6802, XB3518, XE7647, XG4821, XG9508, XJ9074, XL2111, XN2840, XN3208, XN8769, XP6421, XT3546, XT6173, XX6194, YC9419, YF9259, YM1039, YS1846, YU8132, YW9139, YZ3607, ZA5156, ZB8365, ZB8963, ZC6555, ZD2082, ZE8106, ZE8860, ZF4289, ZH7032, ZI1013, ZM4039, ZN5954, ZO4920, ZS5817, ZT7779, ZU9761

RUC vehicles

25UHK, 7285A, 7393A, 85ULY, 99PX, 9EEM, A5810, ACE34, ACE38, ASE762, AZT622, B8419, BCN846, BDE746, BEASST, BEY656, BGU180, BHC840, BHW224, BISCUT, BLC718, BMH821, BND333, BNL235, CHA613, CHN880, CJB40, CNB602, DK2653, EF271, EF3764, EH8078, EL7475, FK9382, FRTLNR, GGUY7, GO9070, GP4933, GV7765, HI1759, HL2707, HR5735, HX5945, IC4458, IVRENT, JD9044, JR8146, KAIPO, KN4859, L0COST, MD7798, MG6202, ML5342, ML7880, MM2568, MW1916, NA4857, ND851, NP14, NQ639, NT7580, OD3725, OS2019, PETERF, PG8701, PH0NE1, PJ2885, PO1984, PP2463, PR3945, PR7087, R3218, RD8786, RIPPLS, RL104, RL4413, RN5487, RP3348, RQ339, RS9971, RT3324, RX8035, S6247, S7194, S7195, SB7, SD1493, SE8539, SF2985, SH7880, SI2236, SI6368, SJ1347, SK654, SL2969, SN7967, SO5249, SP2436, SQ1681, SQ6009, SY6075, TC1551, TCD36, TD6517, TE1675, TE4755, TE7064, TG2013, TG9214, TG9935, TK1406, TK8007, TM9416, TR374, TR9232, TS8333, TT3727, TT9147, TW2778, TX308, TX937, TY2845, TY4215, TY8652, TZ3194, UA1705, UB8623, UC4889, UD6053, UD9571, UI6400, UJ3292, UK7219, UK9203, UL9614, UN5526, UN8583, UP6985, UQ1067, UQ3286, UX8110, UY7247, UY9759, UY9921, UZ1299, UZ3362, UZ4625, UZ5235, UZ8824, WA1283, WD8306, WE6469, WEO, WF5565, WF7758, WG4748, WH1562, WH5765, WK7448, WS814, WS814, WU3610, WU7381, WW4076, WX7414, WY8376, WY8376, WZ1162, XA5040, XA5040, XB1691, XB5905, XB8229, XC2311, XD2940, XE5163, XF5747, XG1533, XH4348, XH7431, XI1735, XI9041, XI9769, XK6349, XL3262, XM1176, XO2884, XP7057, XT6555, XZ6480, YB5886, YB8994, YC6724, YD5070, YG3818, YI4457, YI8988, YJ9896, YN4408, YN6428, YO7091, YP9338, YQ9390, YS6606, YS7488, YZ1002, YZ1488, ZA5258, ZA8122, ZB1421, ZH8311, ZI1005, ZI1010, ZI1017, ZI7449, ZJ8927, ZL9575

Plate changes

Cancelled plates


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